Teatro di natura

by Michelangelo Setola

On the 500th anniversary of his birth, the historical and imaginative biography of Bolognese naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi.

• BRAW 2022 Award, Comics Middle Grade category

Come scomparire

by Nicolas Robel

An adventurous tale halfway between fiction and a survival manual.

Vacanze in scatola

by Tuono Pettinato e Martina Sarritzu

A story that pays tribute to the power of imagination, on the centenary of Gianni Rodari’s birth.

• Boscarato Award – TCBF 2020

Diana sottosopra

by Kalina Muhova

A story about confronting the different and about our responsibility towards the environment.

• Special mention from the BRAW 2020 jury
• 2019 Class Choices award selection

Rights free, except for Bulgaria / France

Nuno salva la luna

by Marino Neri

The earth seen from the moon through an interstellar alien child’s eyes.

• Finalist for the Best Comic Book Award category Andersen 2020

Io sono Mare

by Cristina Portolano

A story about friendship, identity and first emotions.

• ORBIL 2019 prize finalist

Rights free, except for Spain / Sweden

I gioielli di Elsa

by Sarah Mazzetti

The comic and surreal journey of Elsa, a little girl in search of herself.

• Bologna International Illustration AwardChildren’s Book Fair-Fundación SM 2019
• Boscarato Award – TCBF 2018
• Gran Guinigi 2018

La mela mascherata

 by Martoz

An irresistible comic adventure ranging from western to fairytale aesthetics.

• Andersen Award selection 2018
• Boscarato Award – TCBF 2017

Hansel e Gretel

 by Sophia Martineck

A contemporary comic book reinterpretation of the great classic from Brothers Grimm.